Converting Nokia Ovi Suite Contacts for Android - 2012 Update

Seeing as my original post on converting Nokia OVI Suite contacts continues to get loads of hits, and I had to go through the process again for a friend's phone, I thought that I'd do a quick 2012 update. This will be a summary; if you're having trouble following it, take a look at the original post, which goes into more detail.

First off - things are a little easier these days! Gmail / Google Contacts now accepts multi-VCard .vcf files. Sadly, they still don't allow multi-file import, so the many output .vcf files must still be merged.

As a result, all you need to do is perform a full backup in OVI Suite, extract all the VCards from the the .nbu with NBUExplorer, and merge the VCards into a single file. Then, upload the resultant file to Gmail.

To merge the files, here's a quick snippet which I used in Cygwin:

 $ cat *.vcf >> merged.vcf 
According to Wiki, this is the DOS equivalent (but I don't even have dosbox installed right now to test it):
 $ copy /a a.vcf + b.vcf merged.vcf 
(Yes, that's a '+'; I'm not going to read up on DOS loops for you - just use cygwin).

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